Something We Don’t Discuss Often: Credit Repair

We definitely should, though. No doubt. Because when it comes to rent-to-own, credit repair’s essential, and it turns out that the BBB A-rated HOPE Program sees the writing on the wall — despite already doing well for customers in credit repair thanks to Lexington Law — and recently reported of their own review of yet another credit repair service out there recently launched.

The Name of the New Credit Repair Division Is INDEPENDENT CREDIT SOLUTIONS

And the department over there is now in full swing to start assisting customers nationwide as this press release credit repair swampstates. Sure, it’s all well and good, and we love a good credit score. Without a doubt, homeowners love those shining credit reports, too. But more importantly, the best part of Independent Credit Solutions is the fact that they’re focusing on the one element essential to the success of anyone prospecting for rent-to-own options. It’s all about credit repair.

You’ll need a 640 score, basically. No ifs, ands or buts. Anything lower, and you might be treading through mud during your trek across the swamp of the real estate market, and that’s no fun for those socks and boots you’re wearing. It’s a dangerous jungle out there; you’ll hear that from even your favorite rent-to-own consultant, but what can make it better for you is a pristine credit score brought about by one of the best credit repair service you could ever have recommended by the H.O.P.E. Program.

Take Advantage of It Right Now. Immediately. Your Credit Score Demands It.

We can’t legitimately review such a site as this, though, as this has literally nothing to do with rent-to-own. But what we can do is discuss it. Right here. Right now. Credit repair’s important. You can have all the services in the world, but if you don’t take that first step and follow through with repairing your credit right now by enrolling here, you might be up a creek and lost in the wilderness.

And that’s no place to be right now in today’s real estate industry.

14 Responses to Something We Don’t Discuss Often: Credit Repair

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  2. GLORIA M. SCHMIDT says:

    I’m a disabled senior who can’t work, so I have no money for I live with my social security disability check which is only $1,323.00 /month so I after paying my rent and bills, have nothing left to save.

    My credit score todayu is 616. The reason is years ago I suffered a terminal stroke that put me in a coma and disabled me, so had to quit my job, return my SUV, as well as my rental apartment. Since the coma, I have never been able to go back to work and suffered 2 more strokes after that.

    I would like to know if there’s a way we can solve that problem? I honestly can’t pay the SUV for I need the few dollars I get to pay my living expenses and eat. Please advise asap Thank you. Gloria

  3. Aracelis Cuello says:

    No se cual es mi puntuage en mi crédito y estoy interesada en comprar y reparar mi crédito. Necesito ayuda

    • says:

      Hola, Aracelis,

      Gracias por su pregunta , y usted puede ponerse en contacto con the H.O.P.E. Program al 888-920-4893 para más información sobre lo que pueden hacer por usted.

  4. Wilbert walker says:

    I have a credit score of 598 due to old unpaid traffic ticket s and old child support. That should not be their due to my DISABLED. I can use some help.

  5. analecia says:

    I need help getting out of debt!!

  6. Kayla Thompson says:

    I just turned 18 in November and I don’t have a credit score yet. My boyfriend and I are looking to rent to own and are wondering how to get started.

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  8. nichelle says:

    Right now I homeless I have a 14 year old son I going through it for disability. I have only child support income at the moment. I really need help finding a home.

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