RTOR’s Latest Review: Rent-to-Own Consultants

Diamonds. We love them. Ladies love them. Rent-to-own consultants and gurus love them, too, here in the United States. They’re sparkly. They’re pricey. That’s part of the allure, though, of the diamond, whether it’s a round cut, princess or marquise. However, as fun and trendy as it is for a lovely lady to receive such a radiant treasure, one thing’s for sure — if you just don’t have the funds to buy, you’re out of luck. More importantly, if you don’t find the right jewel for the money, you’re up a creek.

U.S. Rent-to-Own Homes Are Just Like That: They’re Those Pricey Jewels We Want so rent-to-own consultants diamondBadly But Can’t Have

In the American real estate market, we look for the best deals. These days, it seems, rent-to-own homes are among those best deals, but they’re often difficult to find, hard to negotiate over, and a challenge to traverse through the legal channels of making sure you’re in compliance with an industry already littered with pitfalls. This is why oftentimes real estate agents don’t care too much for the rent-to-own home, because such a contract only involves the landlord/homeowner and the tenant/home buyer. Nobody else. No lawyers (although they can be included, obviously for a hefty retaining fee), no agents, no nothing.

This Is Where Rent-to-Own Consultants Come In

Rent-to-Own Consultants has changed the U.S. real estate landscape to a certain degree: they’re the middle man. The advocate. The diamond cutter. With them, they can resolve any need for legal representation, gain access to any list of rent-to-own homes, and even offer affiliate services for anything like credit repair or identity theft protection. They are what they say they are: consultants. And their fee isn’t as pricey as any of those diamonds you’ll find at Jared.

Aside from this review from RTOR, you can even check out Nationwide Property Value’s take on them as well as Assisting Renters’ viewpoint and know the truth: the Rent-to-Own Consultants bring the goods as an affiliate of the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. Program — in any shape, cut or shine you could ever want in a United States rent-to-own home. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR OWN RENT-TO-OWN CONSULTANT TODAY BY ENTERING IN YOUR NAME, EMAIL, AND UNITED STATES PHONE NUMBER RIGHT NOW.

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  1. Teresa Crosby says:

    Is this for real, or another scam. My family and I desperately need a home. We can pay up to $500.00 a month. If this is real and you can help us please call 910-617-1556

  2. William Mitchell says:

    I’m very interested in the RTOR and would love to speak to a consultant. I can be reached at 929-272-7451

  3. Mark Ambrosia says:

    How much do you charge for you service

    • says:

      Hello, Mark,

      Thanks for the inquiry, and you’re welcome to fill out your information via this link to have a specialist from the RTO Consultants office contact you as soon as possible to discuss your options. You can also visit their website and obtain more information about policies, payment and other questions you may have.

  4. Jonathan Picking says:

    My family and I are needing help badly we have been looking for a rent to own home or any home at that in the maize school district where my three kids attend we are suppose to be out of the home we have been at for 9yrs . my father died which left the property to my aunt who note wants to sell so we really need some help dealing with the buying a home because we have never had to do anything like this . So please and thank you hope to hear back from you soon

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  6. Ramon Ledesma says:

    Me interesa tener mi propia casa espero q se comuniquen conmigo al 407-218-9003

    • says:

      Hola, Ramon,

      Gracias por su pregunta, y usted puede ponerse en contacto con the H.O.P.E. Program al 888-920-4893 para más información sobre lo que pueden hacer por usted.

  7. Larry Brown says:

    Looking for a house for me and my wife to live in

  8. Larry Brown says:

    Need house for me and my wife

  9. jeannie adams says:

    Please contact for payment.

  10. Traci Ratcliff says:

    I’m looking 4 a rent to own home: 4+ bedrooms & 2+ bathrooms

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  12. TAMIKA L CRANDLE says:

    I looking into a tent to own house for my family I’m so tried of paying rent for something that’s not mines please help me and my family out I looking for a 3 bedroom and two bath and the most I can afford is 500.00 to 600.00 a month if there someone that can help please call me at 985-218-9554 but I’m not looking for a scam to take my money so please be real with it I’m not the only family that’s seeking something better for our families

  13. Wanita says:

    I need a rent to own home for no more than 500 a month. I’m at 520-599-5736. My name is wanita coppola

  14. Denise says:

    I need help badly either rent to own or any house including cheap foreclosure homes. I have been looking online for houses in Cleveland, Ohio I would like to move back up there soon. So, please and thank you, hope to hear back from you soon!

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  16. taylor says:

    Me and my to young kids need a rent to own home in Hiram Georgia ASAP.

  17. ricky says:

    Hi,looking to buy a single family home for my two girls and myself,looking in corona ontario,norco,California im looking to have a mortgage around 1,100.00 if you can help please call,thank you.

  18. Randy. Russell says:

    Need help with. Credit. Issues AM very interested. In. Your. Rent. To. Own. Hope. Information …Please e mail. Me and Thank You.

  19. jerryorgan says:

    I need help with a rent to own or anything available in the Pascagoula Mississippi area

  20. sierra says:

    i needa house asap i got in a bad car accident a week and a half ago ibhave a broken leg and i am out of work also foinf thro a abusive marage verbal mental and physical i am talking back to my ex boyfriend we are wanting to get a house together he is ondisability also so we cant afford much

  21. Charline thompson says:

    Would like to be a home owner

  22. Valerie says:

    I neet to find a home with available option rent to own..

  23. Anthony Morta says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a home for my family. I need a 4 bedroom. I’m paying a friend to stay with at a price of 1000 a month. I have an autistic child and a disabled mother-in-law. The last time I tried this H.O.P.E I was turn down because of my job as a Taxi driver. I have the income but can’t get passed a stupid credit score. My bank account shows where the money is coming from but banks account are not proof enough to show income. Which I found to be an excuse.

  24. timothy trammell says:

    I need a home in Somerset Kentucky that I can rent to own

  25. sherry says:

    hi thank you very much for wanting to help me i don’t make much money but this will be my son and i buying this home together my credit is not good but my son may have better credit he i will be home tomarrow i hate to say this but i need a place asap is this possable ?????? my credit is only at 541 i have seen where there is a place that will do a credit score at 500…. Is there a real chance for me or am i jiust wasting my time trying>|??????

  26. Jose Arce says:

    I am looking for a 3 bedroom with tow bathrooms.
    Rent to own home.
    In the nj 07643 area.
    I willing to paid 500.00 to 750.00 monthly.

  27. Monique & Gregory Velasquez says:

    Hello Jose,
    My name is Monique and Gregory Velasquez looking into Rent-to-own home, we are already in enrolled and the Lexington Law Firm credit repair program. Just let you know we need a place as soon as possible. We are looking for four bedroom home in the northern Virginia area, Mostly the Manassas area. a budget that we can pay it’s between $Five hundred a month and Eight Hundred Fifty dollar month, we looking nice neighborhood to raise our family.
    Monique & Gregory Velasquez

  28. Elvis says:

    I could pay $1000 monthly for a home is this true

  29. Jeffrey jones says:

    I am very interested in seeing what I qualify as I am a first buyer. Please contact me via email to give me more information please!!!!

  30. dana c bungy says:

    Good Morning RTO my name is Dana Bungy and i’m lookin for a 4br at a reasonable price here in Wilmington,Delaware could you please give me a call @ (302)761-0717 at any time. I was looking in the range of $439 a month! I have a good credit score. Thank you and have a great day!

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