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Rent to Own Homes in Sacramento


As the sixth-largest city in the state, Sacramento offers endless opportunities for fun, whether you’re a young student, an established family, or a business professional. With 485,000 people spread across a city with so much to see and do, meeting people comes easily here. Popular attractions include the Sacramento Zoo, Crocker Art Museum, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, and the Wells Fargo History Museum.

The city’s ideal location ensures easy, quick access to downtown and other important locations both in and around the city. San Francisco is just over a one-hour drive from Sacramento while Lake Tahoe is just under two hours away.

It boasts some of the best schools in the state, including California State University-Sacramento and McGeorge School of Law.

Buying a Home in Sacramento

Sacramento offers a versatile mixture of homes in high and low-price ranges, depending on your needs and the community you choose to call home. The overall median sales price for a home is $293,480, however, representing a 7% increase over previous years’ rates. Homes sell quickly here, averaging just 34 days on the market.

Popular Neighborhoods

Midtown is the neighborhood chosen by college students and young professionals. The fun, funky vibe is refreshing for the younger crowd. The amazing mixture of bars, clubs, galleries, coffee shops, and entertainment options suits this demographic perfectly.

South Land Park is a poised neighborhood filled with ranch-style homes and gracious amenities ranging from dining to entertainment to parks and outdoor recreation. The affordability of homes in the neighborhood is yet another reason people move here.

Buying Vs. Rent to Own Homes

Rent to own homes offer a non-traditional option for buyers who need more time to save money for a down payment or improve their credit scores, but who want to lock-in today’s housing rates. More people take advantage of rent-to-own these days than ever before and it may very well satisfy your needs for buying a home.

The rent-to-own option works by finding a seller, paying an option fee, and then signing the lease. Each month, you pay a premium fee with rent. This fee is applied to the down payment when it’s time to buy, a process that usually happens within about three years. Most rent-to-own sellers are easy to work with and accept individuals with credit problems.

Cost of Living in Sacramento

The cost of living is slightly higher than the national average but lower than the state average. Prices of homes account for the biggest price hike, averaging 14% more than the national average. Healthcare and transportation rank just 2% higher than the national average.

With a bit of research, locating a home in your price range that meets all your needs shouldn’t be too difficult. However, buyers must act fast because homes sell so quickly in Sacramento. The cost of living here is reasonable when all is said and done.


Sacramento has all the amenities and qualities that a person needs when searching for life in the big city. It’s considerably cheaper than nearby San Francisco but offers quick access to the city. Sacramento offers a great education, comfortable neighborhoods, and plenty of attractions and amenities for all.

Rent to Own Realtors

Realtors work on commission. They avoid rent-to-own contracts because the commission is not paid right away. Finding a rent-to-own home without a realtor is something you should plan to do, although we make that process simple with our free rent to own listings below.

Rent to Own Listings

Our free rent to own homes listings shows you the current homes available in Sacramento. The list is updated frequently, giving you access to the best homes at the best prices. We encourage you to act quickly if you find a home that meets your needs. Rent to own may be the key to homeownership if the traditional options don’t suit you.

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City of Sacramento, CA Demographic Information

  • Population:689,481
  • White Population:372,523
  • Black Population:93,595
  • Hispanic Population:134,526
  • Asian Population:99,481
  • Hawaiian Population:5,466
  • Indian Population:8,445
  • Other Population:66,130
  • Male Population:334,463
  • Female Population:355,018
  • Avg House Value:$146,756
  • Avg Household Income:$42,314

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