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Rent to Own Homes in St Louis


Sitting on the edge of the Mississippi River, St. Louis is located in Missouri. Just about fifteen river miles from Downtown St. Louis, the Mississippi River, and the Missouri River meet and form one of the longest river systems in the United States.

The river banks provide outdoor amusement for both locals and tourists. There are multiple boat cruises throughout the day. Additionally, there’s a large system of walking and bike paths leading to cultural and historical attractions. 

Some of the most visited cultural attractions are located in Forest Park, including St. Louis Science Center and Art Museum. You can come across numerous tennis and golf courts while walking or jogging here. 

Downtown St. Louis offers plenty of business as well as retail and residential space. Keep reading to learn more about Gateway City and find the best rent to own options in this area.

Purchasing a Home in St. Louis, Missouri

You can find lots of homes for sale in St. Louis. Many of those homes have lingered on the rental market for quite a while. New houses constantly hit the market too. Check new listings regularly and act quickly to boost your odds of scooping up the top bargains.

As you may assume, the most expensive homes are in the city center. If you’re searching for cheaper options, focus on short sales and foreclosures. Keep in mind that housing most foreclosures require costly repairs.

Popular Neighborhoods

Scattered throughout the city, you will find pockets that cater to students and families alike. It is important to note that costs vary widely in each area.

Ladue is, without any doubt, the most prestigious neighborhood. With safe streets, parks, multi-sport courts, and private schools, Ladue offers something for everyone. The homes in this area sell for approximately $500,000.

Chesterfield is another popular neighborhood. Similar to Ladue, it offers a variety of activities to citizens of all ages. Public schools in Chesterfield are a good alternative to expensive private schools in Ladue.

Kirkwood is a great place for those looking for affordable houses in suburban communities. They can stay close to entertainment venues, shopping malls, and restaurants while enjoying a small-town relaxed vibe of this quiet area.

Renting to Own a Home in St. Louis, MO 

Not everyone can afford to make the purchase and move into a new house right now. Rent to own allows you to slow down the purchase process. 

That’s not to say you cannot settle into a rent-to-own house right away. It comes in handy when a mortgage loan doesn’t currently come with a low-interest rate. 

Aside from that, rent-to-own programs are popular with home buyers because of flexible down payments. The potential buyers can make good use of their lease period to save for a home down payment and eventually come up with a better offer.

Living Costs in St. Louis

Your housing expenses will depend on the neighborhood you reside in. As we have mentioned above, some regions are more affordable to live in than others. So look for a balance of what suits your budget and lifestyle needs.

The local housing market in St. Louis offers prices around 30% below the national average. Most living coats are below the national averages, except the utilities. That makes St. Louis a popular place in Missouri.


About 300,000 live in ST. Louis. It’s the 2nd-largest city in Missouri. A lot of people move to this beautiful city every year because of the affordable cost of living and housing. 

Other amenities that cause people to live and work here include entertainment venues, lively nightlife, and cultural attractions. This city is ideal for professionals as well as families and singles. Whether you’re looking for foreclosures or new rent-to-own houses, you’re very likely to find your ideal home here.

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City of St Louis, MO Demographic Information

  • Population:972,436
  • White Population:601,499
  • Black Population:329,433
  • Hispanic Population:15,451
  • Asian Population:18,809
  • Hawaiian Population:254
  • Indian Population:1,997
  • Other Population:5,628
  • Male Population:96,367
  • Female Population:102,450
  • Avg House Value:$99,157
  • Avg Household Income:$39,158

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