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Rent to Own Homes in Wilmington‌


Wilmington is a port city in North Carolina that borders Wrightsville Beach known for crystal blue waters. To the northwest, there is the Wilmington International Airport. The Cape Fear River flows along the city’s western edge. Figure 8 Island and Masonboro Island are located in the immediate vicinity of Wilmington. 

This city is perfect for those who want to live near the North Atlantic Ocean and spend their free time on the water. However, most locals enjoy spending their time in Downtown Wilmington. It is one of the favorite hangouts for people of all ages. There are a lot of small businesses, restaurants, shops, and hotels in this area. 

Do you plan to immigrate to Wilmington and buy a home in this area? Here are some things you should consider before moving to this North Carolina sunny city.

Purchasing a Home in Wilmington

With so many homes for sale in this area, you may have a hard time going through tons of listings to find your dream house. While some people settle in areas away from the ocean, others prefer living close to the beach.

The median home price is slightly above $200,000 in Wilmington. This diverse city includes a wide variety of residential areas, local attractions, and waterfront properties. Consider your budget, commute time, and lifestyle when choosing a neighborhood to take up residence in. 

Popular Neighborhoods

If you want to live close to the water, Wrightsville Beach is the best choice without a doubt. There are plenty of upscale homes and properties in this prestigious neighborhood. However, expect to fork out a small fortune on a house or apartment in Wrightsville Beach.

Those looking for family-friendly neighborhoods and affordable houses should look no further than Sentry Oaks. Located in the vicinity of the coastal waters and Pleasure Island, this neighborhood allows locals to remain close to businesses and shops while enjoying their time on several sandy beaches.

Situated close to the downtown district and Cape Fear River, River’s Edge is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Wilmington. It is ideal for families with children, as there are many top-quality private and public schools in this area. It is also home to Rivers Edge Golf Club. Locals particularly enjoy panoramic views of the river.

Wilmington, NC Rent to Own Home Homes

Don’t limit your search to homes that involve traditional purchase agreements. Many beautiful homes in Wilmington offer rent-to-own contracts. To start the rent-to-own process, the buyer and seller need to enter into an agreement and agree to contract terms.

After starting as renters, potential home buyers need to pay rent regularly to be able to buy the home before ending their contract. This is a popular route with many people since it enables them to move into their new house before it is officially theirs.

In the meantime, they can explore their new neighborhood to make sure it is a good place to live and raise a family before making a real estate investment. As a potential home buyer, you should work on strengthening your home loan application during the rental period. It will increase your chances of qualifying for a mortgage.

Living Costs in Wilmington

Wilmington doesn’t feature expensive housing despite being located close to the water and numerous beaches. What’s more, most living expenses in this coastal city remain close to state and national averages.

Goods and foods are reasonably priced here. The same goes for utilities. While the cost of living is a bit pricey in waterfront areas, you can find many desirable neighborhoods that offer good quality of life without breaking the bank.


Wilmington is one of the most popular cities in North Carolina. In addition to affordable housing, excellent education and an abundance of places for outdoor activities add to the popularity of this beautiful coastal city.

Its close proximity to the Atlantic coast is an added benefit. In fact, Wilmington is located close to many islands and beaches that are easy to reach by car. Whether you want to live close to the beach or business district, you will find a lot of rent-to-own homes. Our listings will help you find incredible real estate deals.

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City of Wilmington, NC Demographic Information

  • Population:144,319
  • White Population:114,502
  • Black Population:25,162
  • Hispanic Population:3,079
  • Asian Population:1,284
  • Hawaiian Population:92
  • Indian Population:509
  • Other Population:1,216
  • Male Population:69,255
  • Female Population:75,064
  • Avg House Value:$131,700
  • Avg Household Income:$41,816

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