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Rent to Own Homes in Oregon

Oregon is one of three U.S. states bordering the Pacific Ocean. The state attracts new residents eager to experience the magical days and nights living along the coastline. It also gets newcomers searching for quaint, quiet small towns, and the college kids enjoying their lives to the fullest. Oregon is rich in history, scenic, and has a bustling economy with a great educational system. This state offers something to suit every taste and every budget.

Portland is the state’s most popular city, as well as the state capital. Portland is known as the most eco-friendly city in the U.S. and for its microbreweries and pubs. Something exciting takes place in Portland morning, noon and night no matter what the day of the week. Seaside offers residents the intriguing coastal life and Oregon City is the perfect location for people with a love for the mountains.

Oregon has some of the most breathtaking beaches you’ll ever lay eyes on. Great year-round weather ensures enjoying the beaches as often as you’d like is possible. Check out the delicious seafood and the variety of outdoor activities such as zoos and botanical gardens.

Buying a Home in Oregon

More than 20,000 homes for sale are available at any given time in Oregon, giving buyers the chance to purchase when they’re ready. Most of the homes are located in the eastern portion of the state. Small coastal homes in eastern Oregon sell for less than $200,000. The western portion of Oregon has farms and mountains, luxury homes, and plenty of close-knit comfort and charm.

Popular Neighborhoods in Oregon

Keizer is the perfect town for families. The school system is one of the best in the state and family-friendly activities always take place around town. The populated area has low crime rates and beautiful scenery combined with great home prices.

Oatfield is a town with homes for sale but finding a lower-priced home is not always easy. Expect an Oatfield home to cost a minimum of $300,000.

Sherwood is near Portland, filled with friendly neighborhoods, amazing parks, and great outdoor recreation activities. Sherwood residents have a quick commute to Portland and never run out of entertainment options.

Buying vs. Rent to Own

Rent-to-own homes provide buyers with an alternative to the traditional process. It’s suitable for many people, particularly those with poor credit who may not qualify for a traditional mortgage. Individuals who need time to save up for a down payment but who also need immediate home occupancy can succeed using the rent-to-own option.

Terms of a rent to own Oregon contract vary, but most are similar and offer the tenant up to three years to buy the home they’re now renting. Each month, the tenant pays a rental payment and a rental premium to the landlord. The premium rental payment is applied to the down payment.

Cost of Living in Oregon

Oregon’s housing rates are 40% higher than the national average. This causes the overall cost of living to also sit above the national average. Costs for utilities and food in Oregon are usually lower than the national average.

Finding affordable housing in Oregon is possible, but expect to spend more to buy a home in the state than you’d pay for a comparable home in other U.S. states. Even small homes without land sell at a starting price of $100,000 in Oregon.


Despite Oregon’s higher cost of living, there is no place in the U.S. quite like the state. It is beautiful, quaint, and offers direct access to the Pacific coastline or intriguing mountains or even modern hotspots and young living in places like Portland. If you are searching for miles of beaches, mountains, great education, and beauty, you cannot beat the state of Oregon.

Reported Annual Crime In Oregon

Violent Crime5354370388
Vehicle Theft6062301970
Property Crime179671216038

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