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The H.O.P.E. Program

Great Customer Service, Excellent Consumer Ratings

Comprehensive in their approach, the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. Program (Home Ownership is Possible through Education) give their clients hands-on help from the beginning of the Rent to Own Home Buying process through to the end. Starting in 2003, they have over 10,000+ customers who have used them to get a Rent to Own Home. The core of their business is credit repair. For a monthly fee, their legal professionals will work to remove negative items from your credit score and help establish secured lines of credit. Too many programs fail to repair their clients credit, which prevents them from being approved for a mortgage at the end of the lease period. After a client’s credit is high enough, they connect their clients with a Loan Officer, as well as a Real Estate agent to write up the Contract. Open 7 days a week, there is always someone to talk to with any questions. Need to read up on reviews? Check out H.O.P.E.’s review page!

Top Benefits:

• Personal one-on-one coaching
• Unlimited disputes with creditors, collection agents and credit bureaus
• Debt settlement for any outstanding debt (including Pay for Deletion negotiations)
• Help establishing new lines of positive credit
• 7 Day-a-week access to representatives waiting to help
• Zero Complaints with the BBB

• Credit Repair offered through Lexington Law is $89 dollars to start, $99 per month

• They also provide their own Credit and Legal services at CreditandLegal.com for those who do not want to pay for Lexington Law. CreditandLegal.com offers a monthly plan of $39 per month.

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I'm currently trying to Improve my Credit Score.
I Like Lexington Law but don't only want to Improve my Credit Score. But would also like to become a New Home Owner within 6 months as well.

Is this Possible with your Program?
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