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The FaceBook of Rent-to-Own homes

MyRentToOwn provides their users access to a vast, national network of Rent to Own homes. Interestingly, there's no shortage of information on any of the listed homes. For a number of homes, MyRentToOwn will provide a very niche subset of information, such as, whether they accept Section 8 vouchers, and the individual prices of the homes correspond to local real estate market trends. The list goes on. Normally, their services cost $49.95 per month, and very reasonably so, however, in an attempt to attract a broader market, they now offer a 7 day trial period form just under $2. If you're looking to get a home as soon as possible, go with YourRent2Own.com. If you want to know every single physical and theoretical detail about your next home, use MyRentToOwn.com.


  • Provides extensive information about each home.
  • $2 trial period

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