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Rent to Own Homes in Nashville


Located in the heart of the huge Nashville Metropolitan Area, the city of Nashville is perhaps most famous for its gigantic country music scene. This Musical City offers a lot of job opportunities in banking, healthcare, publishing, and other industries.

It also offers water access utilizing the large riverfront. The Riverfront Park in Nashville is a favorite place for many residents where they enjoy various amusements or go for a walk.

Are you looking to buy a home in Nashville? You are in the right place. Here, you can find out more about housing and rent-to-own options in this large city.

Purchasing a Home in Nashville, Tennessee

With plenty of shops and businesses as well as an energetic nightlife, Nashville attracts musicians from across the state. Those who live close to downtown often engage with musicians and tourists. On the other hand, people who prefer a quiet life settle down in suburban areas.

Consider your goals and lifestyle besides the price before buying your ideal house in Nashville. That will help you determine if your dream house is situated on the outskirts of the city or near the city center.

Popular Neighborhoods

  • Hillsboro Village: This beautiful neighborhood preserves the urban lifestyle while offering wide housing availability. It is suitable for both families and students. The downtown can be reached from Hillsboro Village fairly quickly.
  • Germantown: You can find a lot of single-family houses at affordable price points (much lower than in Nashville downtown and Hillsboro Village) in this area. There are also many townhouses and duplexes in Germantown.
  • Sylvan Park: Singles and families who crave outdoor recreation should look for homes in this lovely neighborhood. It offers plenty of green spaces and parks.
  • Belmont Avenue: If you prefer a suburban lifestyle, consider buying a home in Belmont Avenue. You can find everything from million-dollar houses and fixer-uppers to homes suited to the needs of the middle class in this area.

Renting to Own a Home in Nashville, TN

In Nashville, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to the down payment requirements. Nevertheless, many home buyers hire real estate companies to handle this job for them.

Rent-to-own properties in Nashville are often listed by houses and apartments as lease purchase or lease-option. Unlike lease-to-purchase contracts, the rent-to-own contracts don’t require buyers to purchase the home. Nevertheless, a good credit score and strong references will always help you qualify for a quality home.

Living Costs in Nashville, TN

Living expenses in this large city are above the Tennessee averages. However, the cost of living is still below the national average. If you can’t afford to buy a downtown home, check outlying neighborhoods for more economical options that do not overstretch your budget.


As a Music City and large industrial center in Tennessee, Nashville attracts business professionals and students besides struggling musicians. Many college students move to Nashville as it is home to many universities. 

Those who live in the city center enjoy live concerts along with other amenities. For example, they don’t need personal vehicles since most shops and businesses are within walking distance here. Not everyone wants to live in the downtown area though. With tree-lined streets and green spaces, neighborhoods away from the downtown are ideal for families.

Whether you prefer busy urban areas or tranquil neighborhoods, you can find a rent-to-own home that suits your lifestyle and budget. Go through our listings until you spot something that catches your eye. 

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City of Nashville, TN Demographic Information

  • Population:413,511
  • White Population:262,029
  • Black Population:121,307
  • Hispanic Population:19,406
  • Asian Population:9,872
  • Hawaiian Population:317
  • Indian Population:1,153
  • Other Population:10,415
  • Male Population:200,456
  • Female Population:213,055
  • Avg House Value:$130,884
  • Avg Household Income:$39,528

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