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Rent to Own Homes in Georgia


With picturesque islands, lush forests, and fabulous old mansions, Georgia is an appealing place to live in. Located in the American Southeast, this captivating state has a distinctive charisma.

It is situated between South Carolina and Florida. Georgia is also bordered by North Carolina and Tennessee to the north, as well as Alabama to the west. Besides, it’s surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast.

This delightful state boasts a competitive real estate market. Here are the most popular Georgia rent to own homes.

Popular Cities, Neighborhoods, and Sights in Georgia

Whether you prefer urban metropolitan or remote rural areas, you will find a lot of opportunities here. Atlanta, the state’s largest and capital city, is the most popular place to work and raise a family.

Other attractive cities are Savannah, Augusta, Macon, Athens, and Columbus. Midtown, Druid Hills, and Buckeye are neighborhoods ideal for families, young professionals, retirees, and artists alike.

The state of Georgia is home to many universities, museums, high-rise buildings, and big companies. It is also known for the diversity of landscapes. The breathtaking rivers and the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia provide exciting recreation options to nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Purchasing a Home in Georgia

In recent times, the state has made some big steps forward in creating affordable housing. This is good news for those who plan to buy a home in Georgia. The housing market is quite diversified throughout the state. Metro Atlanta has the biggest real estate market.

When it comes to the median home value, it’s a bit above the national average at around $207,000. The rent price is approximately $1,400, while the selling price of homes is $212,500 on average.

It should be noted that these figures may vary notably from regions to regions. For instance, the Atlanta region features the highest average home price. The sales price of homes in this exclusive area is increasing continually. Nonetheless, there is a diverse range of options for potential home buyers, including multi- and single-family homes, property auctions, and more.

Chatham County, especially its county seat Savannah, is another area that catches the attention of many house hunters. The houses sell for about $223,000 here, whereas the median home value is around $198,000.

Renting to Own a Home in Georgia

If you want to have a relaxed, frustration-free homebuying experience, renting to own a home is a way to go. Unlike the conventional buying process, it doesn’t require buyers to fork out a small fortune on a new home at once.

Renting to own offers a variety of financial benefits. Both credit and financial requirements are very flexible. Furthermore, there is no down payment to worry about, as is the case with traditional house purchases.

Best of all, you will be able to move into a new house immediately after signing a rent-to-own contract. While the typical escrow closing process takes from 30 to 90 days, you won’t wait for any escrow to get closed.

Things to Consider when Looking for Rent-to-Own Homes in Georgia

One of the first things you should consider before renting out a home is the rental period. As you may know, the tenant is required to make rent payments during this period. Some properties are available for a three-month rent-to-own basis, while others are available for long-term rent.

Make good use of this time either way. Take advantage of it to cut or eliminate your credit card debt and increase your credit score. This is also a good opportunity to save a down payment for the house.

Additionally, you need to take into account the option fee – even though it’s not a substantial amount – before entering into a rent-to-own contract. This fee is typically credited to the ultimate down payment.

Georgia Cost of Living

The cost of living in Georgia is pretty affordable. It is slightly below the national average. Generally speaking, residents spend less money on life essentials than people in most other states. Most monthly expenses are quite affordable except for groceries.

While the cost of homeownership is significant, monthly housing expenses are still inexpensive. For example, transportation costs are at the same level as the national average. As for the healthcare costs, these are 3% lower than the national average. Likewise, the average cost of utilities is 2% lower than the national average.

There is a whole bunch of budget-friendly communities where the cost of living is below the national average. Some of the cheapest cities to live in Georgia include Hinesville, Warner Robins, Canton, Perry, and Grovetown. All of these cities feature the low cost of living.


With robust industries and a strong economy, Georgia is a livable state that offers numerous advantages. Tourism, agriculture, as well as energy and automotive industries create plenty of jobs for residents while fostering the state’s economic growth at the same time.

Aside from bustling communities and diverse landscapes, this verdant state features affordable costs of living and housing. That is why a huge number of people move into Georgia every year to work and live here.

Reported Annual Crime In Georgia

Violent Crime10661370388
Vehicle Theft6841301970
Property Crime420341216038

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