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Rent to Own Homes in Atlanta

Atlanta is the ninth-largest city in the United States, home to more than 5.45 million residents. Despite its large size, Atlanta offers a laid-back, cozy vibe and friendly atmosphere combined with the amenities you want in a big city, like 10 stadiums, professional sports, and a huge entertainment industry. The historic city has a phenomenal past that is displayed at attractions like the Atlanta History Center and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Park.

Atlanta does not give off the southern vibe that some people expect. The diversity that Atlanta offers brings people from across the country together. The city is a thriving business hub, home to many Fortune 500 companies like UPS, The Home Depot, and the Coca-Cola Company.

Buying a Home in Atlanta

More than 14,000 homes are for sale in Atlanta at any given time.  Buying a home costs less than Georgia rent in most cases. Browse the real estate in the city and you’ll notice the prices of single-family homes are very reasonable. The median sales price for an Atlanta home averages $229,000. This reflects a 12% increase in home prices from the previous year. Even with the increase, home prices remain affordable in the large city. Even people with modest budgets can make their dreams of owning a home come true in Atlanta thanks to the affordable housing options. A bit of research helps reveal the best homes for sale at the best prices.

Popular Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Exclusive neighborhoods like Buckhead, Druid Hills, and Ansley Park attract the who’s who of Atlanta, including CEOs, lawyers, doctors, and celebrities.  Buckhead is known as the “Beverly Hills of the South.”  Most of us couldn’t afford a month’s rent in the area much less buying a home in Georgia in the neighborhood! More affordable neighborhoods like the Old Fourth Ward and Midtown offer gorgeous homes and great prices.  Midtown houses many of the colleges in Atlanta. As such, college-aged students occupy the area. Families love the Ornewood Park area. It is filled with delightful parks, beautiful and affordable homes, and lots of things to see and new. Millennials usually head to the Five Points neighborhood where it doesn’t get any cooler or hipper. Downtown Atlanta is the business district where lofts and apartment rentals put residents in the heart of the city.

With 262 neighborhoods, Atlanta offers something to suit every personality and budget.  Learn more about every neighborhood, or at least many of them, so finding the perfect option for your living needs is simple.

Buying vs. Rent to Own Homes

Buying a home requires a heft down payment, good credit, time and patience, things that some buyers do not bring to the table. This leaves them out of the running to buy a home unless they choose rent-to-own homes instead. An RTO contract gives a buyer time to save money for the down payment, build their credit, and otherwise prepare for homeownership while enjoying the benefits of renting the home.

You will pay an option fee when you move into the home. Then, each month, you will pay a premium fee along with the rental rate. The premium fee is applied to the down payment when you are ready to buy. Most rent-to-own contracts expire in three-years, giving plenty of time to prepare to buy the home. Buyers also lock in today’s housing prices. In Atlanta, which saves a ton of cash since housing rates seem to increase every month.

Cost of Living in Atlanta

Despite being one of the largest cities in America, residents enjoy less than average costs on most goods and products in the city.

Housing in Atlanta costs 20% less than the national average. Residents enjoy big city living with small town rewards and affordability. Utilities also cost about 3% less than the national average.  Expect slightly higher rates for expenses such as healthcare, groceries, and transportation. Overall, Atlantans spend 3% less on the cost of living than the national average.


Atlanta spawns more than 132-miles, bringing residents a beautiful mixture of home styles, sceneries, and backdrops suitable to every lifestyle.  The beautiful neighborhoods bring many lifestyles together, giving everyone the chance to find an area that suits their personality, budget, and needs. The cost of living in Atlanta is 3% lower than the national average and residents have access to great schools and colleges, phenomenal entertainment, and tons of indie retailers and restaurants. The option to buy a home via an RTO purchase agreement also benefits many people searching for a place in Atlanta to call home.

Rent to Own Realtors

Rent to own realtors are non-existent. Realtors earn a commission when homes sell. If the home does not sell, they don’t earn money. It does not make financial sense for a realtor to work with RTO sellers. If you are interested in buying a home via rent-to-own, browse our list of homes. Most homes are sold by the owner. We can help find the perfect RTO suitable to your needs.

Under a rent-to-own contract, buyers improve their situation so that buying is easier and less stressful later down the road. It puts them inside the home as a renter until then, reducing pressure for many families. Do not assume that homeownership is not meant for you because the traditional methods do not suit your needs. Rent-to-own could very well make dreams of homeownership come true!

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City of Atlanta, GA Demographic Information

  • Population:867,511
  • White Population:369,377
  • Black Population:417,150
  • Hispanic Population:75,799
  • Asian Population:29,386
  • Hawaiian Population:474
  • Indian Population:2,043
  • Other Population:34,603
  • Male Population:431,713
  • Female Population:435,798
  • Avg House Value:$206,685
  • Avg Household Income:$47,864

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