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Rent to Own Homes in Columbus

Founded in 1812, Columbus is the state capital of Ohio, named in honor of Christopher Columbus. Today, nearly one million people call the city home. It is a great place to work, raise a family, and enjoy big-city living with great small towns nearby.

Columbus is the home of Ohio State University and the Ohio Buckeyes. Sports fans support the Buckeyes in every possible way. Aside from this university, Columbus is home to several other educational institutions, including Columbus State, Columbus City Ballet School, and Columbus State Community College.

Entertainment in Columbus offers excitement for every lifestyle and budget. Families enjoy visits to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The Columbus City Center fills your fix for shopping while the Botanical Gardens offer relaxing beauty to its visitors. Include yourself in the Oktoberfest event in Columbus as well as the other annual festivals and events.

Buying a Home in Columbus

Columbus has 213 constituent neighborhoods for its residents. The city is filled with artists of various types, including musicians, painters, and photographers. If you live in the right area, you can enjoy concerts, groups, and other activities most any night of the week. You can also find homes in wide-open spaces with large lots. Research each neighborhood to find the one that matches your personality and lifestyle the most.

Popular Neighborhoods in Columbus

German Village is small and quaint, a popular neighborhood for families and friendly neighbors. Some of the most exciting events take place in the neighborhood and there are tons of things to do.

Eastmoor is a small community with large homes with lots. If you enjoy the small-town vibe in the middle of the city, check out this neighborhood. Its close to downtown and has beautiful homes in quiet areas.

Are you ready to be a part of the Columbus nightlife? Are you a part of the ‘be seen’ crowd? Consider buying a home in the downtown area. Victorian Village is close to downtown and the city’s best nightlife. Westgate is also close to downtown but has a more family-friendly vibe.

These are a handful of the neighborhoods in Columbus. Check out the neighborhoods and match them to your lifestyle and needs. In no time, you will find the perfect neighborhood that warmly welcomes you and helps you feel right at home from day one.

Rent-to-own homes may not be available in each of the Columbus neighborhoods. Keep this in mind if you are interested in buying a home using this unique option. Keep your options open and you will find a home that exceeds expectations at an unheard-of price.

Buying Vs. Rent to Own Homes

If you buy a home in Columbus, expect to save money. Finding the right home can be a bit tricky considering the costs but renting to own can help make buying a house easier. Sure, rental options exist, but they often cost more than buying in the long-term. Rent-to-own homes allow you to move into the property and save up for a down payment to then actually buy the home. The property usually costs less than a traditional home with fewer qualifications and restrictions to get your foot in the door.

Cost of Living in Columbus

Low housing prices excite many newcomers to Columbus. The housing costs are lower than average across the United States. In some areas, the cost of living is up to 45% less in Columbus than in other large cities. Residents also save money on utilities, food, and healthcare, among other items, that are all priced less than national averages. When you live in Columbus, you get the chance to put your debit card and credit card back in your wallet more often.


Columbus, Ohio is home to a versatile mix of people. It is a great place to live if you want to enjoy fun and comfortable living in the heart of a thriving city. You enjoy the lower cost of living in Columbus and tons of entertainment options. And, thanks to rent-to-own home options throughout the city, buying a home is not as difficult as it might seem. No matter what you are considering, Columbus has so much to offer you as a full-time resident.

Rent to Own Realtors

Rent to own benefits both buyers and sellers. Many people never consider a rent to own home or learn about the benefits. Realtors are not excited to sell rent to own homes because it does not yield immediate profits. Most rent to own sellers are private owners. This usually means an easier, more relaxing experience. And, as mentioned, a rent-to-own contract gives buyers time to save for a down payment, build their credit, etc. while they live in the home!

Take advantage of the benefits a rent-to-own home has in store for you together with the low living costs of Columbus.

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City of Columbus, OH Demographic Information

  • Population:770,645
  • White Population:540,232
  • Black Population:176,219
  • Hispanic Population:19,346
  • Asian Population:23,101
  • Hawaiian Population:374
  • Indian Population:2,254
  • Other Population:9,156
  • Male Population:373,836
  • Female Population:396,809
  • Avg House Value:$142,223
  • Avg Household Income:$43,024

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