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The Uber of Rent-to-Own homes

LocalRENTToOwnHomes has taken the "Cut out the MiddleMan" philosophy and brought it into the Rent-to-own space. At first, many think this restricts their options to maybe one or two local homes, but rest assured, you will find yourself overwhelmed with rent-to-own oppurtunities. In order to ensure the safety and privacy of their property owners, the rent-to-own home program offered by LocalRENTtoOwnHomes has been made to be very exclusive. Not just any person can visit the site and start browsing homes. Users have to go through an extensive sign up process before they're approved. As for owners looking to liquidate their properties, the process of renting-to-sell has never been easier. It's as simple as providing some information about the home, and uploading a few images. Overall, the LocalRENTtoOwnHomes site has fundamentally altered the nature of rent-to-own market in the best way possible.


  • No middlemen
  • Negotiate with the owner directly

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